The AD 700 is a skid mounted deliquescent air dryer with a drying capacity of approximately 700 CFM of air at 150 PSIG. This unit is ideal for drying air for abrasive blasting operations, accommodating 2-3 blasters, depending on nozzle size. The contractor may choose to use either the air powered turbo after cooler (air to air) heat exchanger or the water cooled (water to air) heat exchanger but only one heat exchanger can be used at a time. Desiccant tablets remove the moisture from the air.

Mounted on a sturdy protective frame with fork lift tubes and certified lifting eyes, the air dryer can be moved into position with either a fork lift or overhead crane. The 3 piping system has a particulate filter to trap solid particles, is large enough to reduce pressure loss in the piping and also allows by-passing the drying system for service without interrupting air service to the equipment upstream. An air motor enables the system to operate totally without electrical power when using the manual moisture drain valve. If 120 Volt AC power is available, the automatic spit valve drain system can be used.

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