MSV 2-15-2, Blast and Recovery System

Manufacturer:  SAFE Systems, Inc.

Two interconnecting skids make up the SAFE Systems MSV2-15-2 blast and recovery system. The storage hopper, two outlet blast machine and the secondary separator make up skid #1. Skid #2 contains the rotary drum separator, induction vacuum and two vacuum dust collectors. When connected at the jobsite, these two skids form a highly effective, yet simple blast and recovery system.

Designed for the blasting and recovery of steel grit abrasive, the system has a storage capacity of 15 tons of steel grit abrasive. The system is has an onboard air induction vacuum to produce the vacuum for the recovery process or it can be used in conjunction with any of our SAFE Systems vacuum systems (PD 2400-E or D or PD 2100-E or D). It may work with other vacuum producers. 

The system's two classifiers are a rotary drum which removes large debris and airborne the dust and a fountain separator that removes dust and un-usable fines from the recovered abrasive. After being cleaned, the abrasive is returned to the storage hopper and fed to the blast machine for reuse. The cleaning process is all done while the abrasive is under vacuum, eliminating extra equipment. The air stream passes through the two vacuum dust collectors after the classifiesr to remove contaminates so only clean air is discharged into the atmosphere.

Due to the height of Skid #1, it must be shipped in the horizontal position. Skid #2 requires the use of a double drop trailer for transport. A crane or other equipment will be required at the job site to raise Skid #1 to a vertical position.

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